Democratic victory in 2020 starts in Miami-Dade

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers over the past two years, we have won three special elections, flipped two congressional seats, and have done a tremendous amount of infrastructure building, leadership development, and issue work. The local Miami-Dade Democratic Party is a self-funded, membership-driven organization of dedicated volunteers. 

We are the largest Democratic county (600K registered Democrats) in the biggest swing state. To win in 2020 and remove Trump from office, we need to get even more organized with paid staff, increasing efforts in voter registration, outreach, events, and marketing.

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Who's donating

Erin Marcus
Janine Domlesky
Richard Thurer
David Doebler
Julie Becker
Nancy Sittig
Maria Elena Lopez
Christopher Richmond
Charles Walter`
Irving & Cindy Lerner
Johanna Cervone
Richard Lamondin
Dustin Thaler
Mary Pashalidis
Matthew Mawhinney
Patricia Johnson
A Michael Froomkin
Carlos Condarco
Donna Bell
Nancy Harrington
Christopher Cabral
Eduardo De La Vega
Josh Sproat
Vilma Tobar
Luis Lapeira
Jeffrey Garcia
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